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Topic: Advanced Science and Materials

STKSR-3I Dewa Gede Arsa PutrawanThermal Stabilization of Polyvinyl Chloride Using Mixed Metal Palmates in the Presence of Co-Stabilizers
STKSR-15Ridho MahendraSynthesis of Nanosilica from Geothermal Sludge Using Ultrasound-Assisted Co-Precipitation Method
STKSR-35Dr.-Ing Dendy Adityawarman MScDynamic of CaCO3 Nanoparticle Precipititation in Microemulsion System
STKSR-44Lia SeptianingsihUltrasound-Assisted Nixtamalization of White Sorghum: A Study on Calcium Ion Diffusion
STKSR-45Saiful SaifulPreparation And Characterization Of Cellulose Acetate-Starch Composite Membranes for Hemodialysis of Creatinine
STKSR-49Lusiana OliviaEnhanced Oil Recovery by Spontaneoues Imbibition of Sodium Lignosulfonate Surfactant (SLS)
STKSR-65Yogi Try Pratama Putra NasutionAtmospheric Acid Leaching of Limonite Laterite Ores Using Nitric Acid 
STKSR-79BuanasariDirect Conversion of Chitin Biomass from Shrimp Shell Waste into Levulinic Acid in an Acidic Environment
STKSR-82Dewanti Cahya WidiExtraction of Lignocellulose from Corn Cob with Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES)-Glycerol for Bioplastic Applications
STKSR-89Adilla Kusumadiyani SasongkoGreen Synthesis of Manganese Nanoparticles from Turbinaria sp. Extract for Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance
STKSR-91Putu Padmareka DeandraChitin derived from Black Soldier Fly (BSF)—Hermetia illucens’s cocoon: an analysis of its mechanism in the extraction process
STKSR-137Putu Doddy SutrisnaFabrication and Characterization of ZIF-7-based Mixed Matrix Membranes
STKSR-148Uji PratomoImproved Photo-Electrochemical Responses Enabled by Photo-Sensitive Ruthenium Complexes Coating the Surface of ITO Nanoparticles
STKSR-150Allyn Pramudya SulaemanThe Enhancement of Photoelectrochemical Properties in ZnO Nanopencil through S,N-GQDs Sensitization
STKSR-158Wibawa Hendra SaputeraUnderstanding the Role of Copper Oxidation State on TiO2/ZSM-5 catalyst for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Methanol

Topic: Bioenergy and Alternative Energy

STKSR-11Ni Putu Agnes SuariOptimization of Bio-Oil from Pyrolysis of Spirulina Platensis Residue Assisted by Microwaves and Fe3O4
STKSR-12Yano Surya PradanaBio-crude Oil Production from Microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. via Non-catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction
STKSR-21Christian AslanSimulation Study of the Influence of the Oxidizer Type and Gasification Temperature on Synthesis Gas Production by Gasification Process of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) by Thermodynamic Approach
STKSR-34Muhammad Faisal PrawiratamaStudy of Rapid Hydrogen Production from Water Electrolysis Aided by Supercapacitor
STKSR-48Virdi ChaerusaniIn-situ catalytic upgrading of bio-oil derived from fast pyrolysis of torrefied giant miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus) over bimetallic modified zeolites
STKSR-51Azizah Nabilah Putri SetiawanEquilibrium State of Sodium Metoxide Product for Biodiesel Catalyst
STKSR-58Najah Fadilah PutriNajah Fadilah PutriBioelectrochemical Technology Approach to Degrade Amoxicillin Using Sewage Sludge
STKSR-81Yano Surya PradanaBiodiesel production from palm oil using potassium-loaded carbon as a heterogeneous catalyst: Optimization of kinetic analysis
STKSR-88Rica Isma AriijH2S Removal Process in Biogas as Pre-Treatment For Biomethane Production
STKSR-101Ardelia Widya SantiConversion of Plastic Waste into Bio-fuel Through Aspen Hysys Simulation
STKSR-102Opit IhzantiniInfluence of CO2 Composition on DME Production from Synthesis Gas Resulting from Biomass Gasification
STKSR-114Hafis Pratama Rendra GrahaProspect of Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Technology (AEMWE) Implementation with Local Resources for Hydrogen Production in Indonesia
STKSR-144Husni HusinInfluence of temperature and catalyst mass in the conversion of polypropylene-pyrolysis vapors using activated diatomaceous earth (ADE) catalysts into valuable liquid-like fuels
STKSR-153Rayhan Kemal YaasirPhotoconversion of Seawater into Hydrogen with Photocatalytic Technology Using Zeolite/TiO2 Catalyst from Rice Husk Waste

Topic: Bioprocess Engineering

STKSR-8Christian AslanStudy of Cell Element Balance and Cell Thermodynamics in Microorganism Black Box Modeling: Prediction of Bioethanol Fermentation Stoichiometry by Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Function of Temperature
STKSR-13Byan BaihaqiInfluence of Consortium Culture and Mixed Culture on Carbon Steel Corrosion in B30 Storage System
STKSR-20Azhari HarahapEnhanced Diazo-dye wastewater treatment in integrated AnMBR-METland bioreactors: Effect of flux and microbial community on performace
STKSR-50Dr. Made Tri Penia Kresnowati ST, MSc.Effects of Pretreatment Process on Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) Lignin Composition 
STKSR-57Ibnu Maulana HidayatullahBiodepolymerization of Used Masks by Black Beetle Larvae Application
STKSR-72Tito WijayantoEffects Of Rotation Number and Inoculum Concentration In Citric Acid Production Using Solid State Fermentation (SSF) In Drum Bioreactors
STKSR-127Sweeta LovelytaOptimization of Gluconic Acid Production from Empty Palm Oil Bunches using Gluconobacter Oxydans with Repeated Batch Configuration for Calcium Gluconate Production
STKSR-146Ir. Elvi Restiawaty, S.T., P.D.Eng., Ph.D.Enzymatic Production of Eugenyl Acetate from Clove Oil Using Immobilized Lipase
STKSR-165Christina Suryani RahayuProduction of Bulk Cellulase Enzymes from Mixed Cultures Organisms

Topic: Chemical Engineering Education

STKSR-129Muhammad Mufti AzisTeaching Python for Future Chemical Engineers

Topic: Chemurgy and Bio-based Materials

STKSR-2I Dewa Gede Arsa PutrawanMeasurement and Interpretation of Sodium Mercaptoethyl Palmate Solution Viscosity Data
STKSR-52Vivin Atiyatul MaulaDyeing and Adsorption Studies of Natural Dye from Tegeran (Cudrania javanensis trecul) on Cotton Fabric
STKSR-68Agus Tendi Ahmad BustomiExtraction Of Organic Compounds From Waste Of Glycerol
STKSR-74Nisa Nurul JannahThermodynamic Analysis of Propylene Glycol Production from Glycerol via Diglyceroxide Route 
STKSR-78Heri RustamajiUtilization of seaweed-derived-activated carbon for the electrode of supercapacitor energy storage
STKSR-80Hanif Fadhila QintharaBiomass Torrefaction for Coal Blends as Saprolite Nickel Ore Smelting Reductor
STKSR-95Apriyani wulansariGlycerol Monostearate Production Process Development
STKSR-97Jihan Rahmi NabilaInfluence of TiO2 on Physical, Mechanical Properties, and ITY Edible Film, from Pectin of Kepok Banana Peels
STKSR-116Evan Filbert Hesekiel SitinjakAn In-Depth Investigation of Kapok Fibre for Oil/Water Separation: Assessing the Potential for Recovering Essential Oils and Analyzing the Impact of Sorbent Density, Hydrophobicity, and Oil Varieties
STKSR-119Afrizal VachlepiThe Potential Utilization of Natural Resources in Natural Rubber Processing
STKSR-128Fikra HanifahSynthesis of Glycol Distearate: A Study of Stearic Acid Conversion and Exploration of Tengkawang Fat as an Alternative Raw Material)
STKSR-130Ayu RatnasariBiosynthesis and Characterization of Antibacterial Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Cinnamomum burmannii Bark Extract
STKSR-134Nikmatuz ZahraAdvancing PLA Synthesis: Bio-Based Catalysts and Ultrasonic Enhancement
STKSR-147Irwan KurniaThermal Oxidation Treatment to Improve Surface Properties of Activated Carbon for Methylene Blue Adsorption

Topic: Food Engineering and Technology

STKSR-16Naomi Namora Bassa SidabalokInvestigation of Adsorption and Desorption Capacity of Phenolic from Rice Bran Extract by Different Adsorbents
STKSR-22Sri AgustinaEnhancement of Functional Characteristic of Beneng Taro Noodles by Incorporating Garlix Naniparticles as Bioactive Compounds
STKSR-42Rifah EdiatiCarbon Base Ethylene Scavenger for Prolonging Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables: A Review
STKSR-93Saepul AdnanEffect of Operational Variables on Gel Strength of Fish Gelatin Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) 
STKSR-98Salwa AsyifaSimultaneous Production of Production of VCO and Coconut Protein Isolate from Coconut Meat
STKSR-99Megawati FratiwiHomogenization-assisted Neutralization of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) to Produce Magnesium Salt of Fatty Acid and Vitamin E Concentrate as a Potential Source for Food and Nutraceutical Additives
STKSR-113Fajar Reksaning AdhiSustainable Transformation of Indonesian Tea Production: A Holistic Energy Efficiency Approach
STKSR-133Nurul Azizah AtsariOptimization of Vitamin E Extraction from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate
STKSR-135Salasi Wasis WidyantoCultivation of Spirulina sp. on Brackish Water Media from Glagah Beach Estuary, Yogyakarta for Quality Fish Feed
STKSR-139MaisarohThe quality of red ginger juice powder prepared by tray cabinet dryer
STKSR-152Burhannudin SutisnaCassava Flour-Based Noodle Fortification Using Cilembu Sweet Potato Starch as Structure-Forming Additive

Topic: Industrial Application

STKSR-19IkhsanudinTechno-economic Analysis of Green Ammonia Production Plant in Indonesia 
STKSR-24Mutiara Valentina MaritoEnergy and Exergy Analysis of the Impact of Carbon and Moisture Content Ratio of Multiple Biomass Co-Firing Power Plant
STKSR-28Davit SusantoEffect of Temperature and Concentration of NaOH on the Reduction of Sulfur Deposit on Graphitic Tubes
STKSR-32Indra RiadiEvaluation and Modification of Boiling Houses in Sugar Plant with Pinch – Exergy Analysis
STKSR-70Regina Putri LowrenImpact of Steeping Lye Consumption to Kraft Pulp Properties to Substitute Caustic in Oxidative Extraction Bleaching Stage 
STKSR-83Fauzy Faisal Awaludin ASDevelopment of a Microbial-Based Pilot Plant for Efficient H2S Removal from Geothermal Non-condensable Gases
STKSR-84Mey Shelly RikinAdvancing Carbon Capture and Utilization Technology through Microalgae-Based CO2 Sequestration from Exhaust Gas Emissions at a Central Processing Plant
STKSR-87Rio NugrohoUtilizing Biosurfactants for Enhanced Crude Oil Production in Marginal Wells: A Field Study in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Indonesia  
STKSR-90Setyo Yanus SasongkoPilot-Scale Pressure Swing Adsorption for Carbon Dioxide Capture in Natural Gas Purification
STKSR-115Elsye Veradika YemensiaImplementation of Masaro System to Realize a Zero Waste Campus at Institut Teknologi Sumatera
STKSR-140Thobie Devara PrayusdiandraIntegrated Waste Processing at ITB Jatinangor Multicampus for ITB Zero Waste and Greener with Masaro Technology
STKSR-143Akhmad Zainal AbidinWaste-to-Agriculture Approach for Zero Waste Management at TPS3R MASARO Kijatira Cirebon

Topic: Process Simulation

STKSR-10Migel AldilaPerformance Analysis of Water Injection Network in Riau Province Oil Field
STKSR-27Aulia AzzahraRed mud : A comprehensive review and simulation modeling to estimate its CO2 sequestration capacity
STKSR-39Safira Aulia RinandaReview and Modeling of Advanced Oxidation Process for Treatment of Wastewater Containing Dinitrodiazophenol (DDNP)
STKSR-53Rendy MuktiModeling Syngas Fermentation for Enhancing Bioethanol Production: Progress and Insights
STKSR-104Amadeus Vincent WidjajaCatalytic Ozonation in Phenol-Contaminated Wastewater: A Simulation-Based Catalyst Evaluation
STKSR-105Alif Kembara AlamNuclear Steam Reforming Process Design and Optimization
STKSR-106Elsa Dwi ApriliaCu-Cr Catalyst Activity Assessment and Ethanol Dehydrogenation for Acetaldehyde Production: A Comprehensive Simulation Study
STKSR-107Agreen AnggadaCarbon Capture Integration in Natural Gas Processing Plant: Process Design and Optimization
STKSR-108Muhammad Alplex Firstonda KatonOptimization of Mercury Removal from Crude Oil Using Aspen HYSYS
STKSR-125Aditya Rinus Pratama PutraA Techno-Economic Study of The Application of A Bottom Binary Cycle to Utilise Brine Separated From The Two-Phase Geothermal Fluid in A Geothermal Power Plant in The Java Island
STKSR-131Fauzi YusupandiSimulation and Optimization of Gas and Condensate Separation from Gas Well
STKSR-142Tri Partono AdhiMaximizing Oil Recovery and Energy Efficiency through Separation Unit Optimization: A Case Study in Field X
STKSR-145Tri Partono AdhiSimulation Study on Commercial Polypropylene Production: Scenario of Grade Changing
STKSR-156Rahmat HidayatAspen-Hysis Simulation of Sulfuric Acid Plant.
STKSR-161Widyapradhana DhanarjayaComparative Study Between Mechanical Refrigeration and Turboexpander to Improve Condensate Recovery

Topic: Reaction and Control Engineering

STKSR-7Endar PuspawiningtiyasCatalytic and Thermal Cracking of Oleic Acid Through Basic Soap Pyrolysis
STKSR-9Silmia Nurul Aulia IrawanElectrochemical Reduction of CO2 Using Pb-Sn in Bubble Reactors
STKSR-26Johan Prabowo HadinotoEvaluation of Biodegradation Kinetic Coefficients from Integrated Dissolving Pulp-Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater through Batch Test
STKSR-31Muhammad Alfath ChaniagoElectrode Modification for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction by Electrodeposition Method
STKSR-103Indra Pranata SyahruddinInfluence of Reactor Configuration and Catalyst Attributes on the Dimethyl Ether Synthesis Process
STKSR-112MardiahEsterification of Gum Rosin using Polyethylene Glycol as Reactant

Topic: Separation Technology

STKSR-17Andi Rina Ayu AstutiCO2 Capture with Membrane Contactor using Triethanolamine and Natrium Hydroxide Solvents
STKSR-30Hiskia Alima AmaliaNyamplung Seed Oil Resin Separation
STKSR-67Husni HusinExperimental study on the performance of calcium carbonate solution as decanting agent in the palm kernel and shell separation processes
STKSR-69Giacinta Ariani GultomSynthesis of Nickel Sulfate from Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate through Solvent Extraction Method Using Versatic 10 and Cyanex 272 Extractants
STKSR-77Widda RahmahOptimized CHA Membrane Fabrication via Gel-Filled Support for
Minimal Material Utilization
STKSR-100Ir. Elvi Restiawaty, S.T., P.D.Eng., Ph.D.Adsorption Of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol Using Zeolite and Carbon-based Composite Adsorbent
STKSR-138Muhammad Faikar IhsanPreparation and Characterization of Polydopamine-Coated Heterogeneous Anion-Exchange Membrane