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All received papers are going to be reviewed according to below procedures:

1. Editorial Check: The submitted papers undergo an initial editorial check to ensure they meet the publication’s guidelines and standards.
2. Peer Review: Experts in the field (at least 2 peer reviewers) evaluate the paper’s quality, significance, originality, and methodology. They provide detailed feedback and recommend acceptance, revision, or rejection.
3. Editorial Decision: Based on the reviewers’ feedback, the editor makes a decision on whether to accept the paper or request revisions.
4. Author Revision: If revisions are required, authors revise their papers accordingly and resubmit. Author are encouraged to use English proofreading software to enhance the clarity of the manuscript and plagiarism checker prior the re-submission. The acceptable similarity index is below 20%.
5. Final Decision: The editor, assisted by the reviewers’ feedback and revisions, makes a final editorial checking (typos, grammar, clarity, and plagiarism checking) and final decision.
6. Author proofread: final proofread prior publication.
7. Publication: Accepted papers are included in the STKSR 2023 conferenceĀ proceedings.

Terms and conditions for publishing an article in STKSR 2023 Conference Proceedings:

  1. To be eligible for publication, article must be registered for presentation on the “Registration”
  2. Article should be written in English using the AIP Conference Proceedings template accessible on the “Template”
  3. The Author Guideline can be accessed on the page:
  4. Article must pass the similarity test with maximum similarity threshold of 20% (tested by the committee).
  5. Authors must be committed to following the publication procedures and revising their manuscript based on feedback from reviewers and editorial board within the specified timeframe.
  6. Decisions made by the editorial board regarding the acceptance of articles are final and not subject to appeal.
  7. A publication fee of IDR 2.500.000 will be charged for each accepted article.