The seminar has finally come to an end. Thank you to all people who have supported this seminar. We are looking forward to your participation in the next seminar, STKSR 2019

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Clean-Sustainable Process and Product Technology

Bionergy (BE)
Biodiesel, bioethanol, gasification, biogas
Chemurgy (CE)
Bio-based materials and chemical for non-energy application
Alternative Energy (AE)
Geothermal, wind, solar energy
Fossil Energy & Mineral Processing (FEMP)
Conventional energy sources, mineral processing
Process Technology (PT)
Food processing, water and waste treatment, fine chemicals
Advanced Science (AS)
Nanotechnology, espescially on fuel cell, batteries, and solar cell materials and applications
Process Simulation (PS)
Fundamental engineering
Industrial Application (IA)
Process optimizing, trouble-shooting, process scale-up, start-up
Chemical Engineering Education (CEE)
Improvement on pedagogy and curriculum, collaborative education, certification


The first higher education in Indonesian Chemical Engineering was established at ITB in 1941. This higher education was initially intended to provide engineers for agricultural based industries, which were evolving at that time. As time passes, there are 45 Chemical Engineering Departments currently in Indonesia with their own specialty. Almost all of those departments have joined APTEKINDO for sharing experiences to improve educational program. As for professional engineers, they join BKKPII to enhance their professional engineering capabilities. Our annual seminar on chemical engineering is named Soehadi Reksowardojo in honor of his contribution to the early developments of higher education on chemical engineering in Indonesia. This seminar has been held since 1991. On behalf of the organizing committee of Seminar Teknik Kimia Soehadi Reksowardojo 2017 , it is our great honor and pleasure to warmly welcome you.